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Put Some Spring into Your Step

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),  Spring corresponds to the "Wood" element, which in turn is conceptually related to the liver and gallbladder organs. According to TCM, the liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body....

Put Some Spring into Your Step
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National Watermelon Day!!!

National Watermelon Day is Aug 3rd! This couldn't come at a better time, given our hot weather. Here are a few little-known facts about everyone's favorite fruit! Watermelon is an ancient food that is believed to have originated in tropical Africa. Historians have...

Car Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accident?

We Can Help You Feel Better, Faster! ​At Elements, we have many years of expertise treating patients after car accidents and other traumatic injuries. We will help to ease and speed your recovery through a custom blend of care. This care is given to ease the...


Fertility through Acupuncture

How can acupuncture help with fertility? Acupuncture has been hypothesized to help with all stages of the fertility journey from conception to delivery. Some studies have show that acupuncture may help with: Reduce stress Relieve morning sickness Alleviate back and...

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