We Can Help You Feel Better, Faster!

​At Elements, we have many years of expertise treating patients after car accidents and other traumatic injuries. We will help to ease and speed your recovery through a custom blend of care. This care is given to ease the effects of stress and trauma on your body and your as well as your mind.

Auto accidents can be painful both physically and emotionally. Injuries resulting from car accidents are very common. The initial effects of an accident are often delayed and subtle, therefore many injured people do not seek medical attention immediately. We strongly urge you to get evaluated by your primary physician as soon as possible.

Accidents may result in a decreased ability to perform routine day-to-day tasks. Car accidents can have long lasting effects on the body if not treated promptly. In most cases, no referral is needed to see an acupuncturist or a chiropractor. Elements Holistic Wellness will bill your PIP claim directly, no upfront cost out of pocket to you. Your primary concern should be healing.

Our clinic takes great pride in returning patients to pre-accident condition. A customized treatment program is developed for you, aimed at decreasing pain, increasing function, and preventing a re-occurrence of symptoms.

Our practitioners will work together with you and your doctors to guide you through the process of healing, from your first exam to your last assessment. We look forward to helping you feel better, faster.

If I’ve been injured in a car accident,  who pays for the treatment?  What is PIP?

All Oregon car insurance policies have what is called PIP (personal injury protection) as part of your car insurance, even if you only have basic liability insurance, and even if your car was at fault in the accident.

In Oregon PIP gives each person in the involved car up to one year of treatment and pays up to $15,000 of all necessary medical expenses to treat your injuries related to the car accident. (ORS 806.010)

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