We are proud to have helped so many people over the last decade here at Elements Holistic Wellness. Their stories and their kind words are more than we could ever ask for! Your continued referrals are so appreciated. Thank you all for your very generous reviews.

Elements Holistic Wellness

Kathryn D.P. ~ Facebook

I just want to say acupuncture is probably the best thing ever created. This pregnancy has not been any kinder than my first in the way of morning sickness and my doctor finally recommended I see an acupuncturist after medication was not working. Out of the last 12 days I have had four with no morning sickness and for me that is amazing and the days I do have it are not as bad as before, so this mama will take it.

Can’t wait for my next appointment with My’chell on Tuesday.

Danielle Q.C. ~ Facebook

I always feel like I am being cared for as a real person here. The needles do not hurt, the essential oils are a fantastic touch that help the effects of the treatment follow me through my day, and My’chell and Tania are always so pleasant. I love the atmosphere, the convenient location, and how I feel when I come in regularly. They also work very well with my insurance and are on my side if there are any issues on the insurance’s end.

If you want to feel taken care of, this is the place.

Elements Holistic Wellness
Elements Holistic Wellness

Michael L. ~ Facebook

What an amazing experience! My’Chell is warm, friendly, and inviting. Anyone afraid of needles need not worry; I barely felt them go in and I had no idea they had been taken out. Her clinic is soft, luxurious, and relaxing and near a great park so you can walk around and continue to relax after the treatment. I went to her with digestion issues and in 30 minutes, things were moving and feeling great.

I will definitely be back and highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Britt S. ~ Facebook

For years I’ve avoided acupuncture and those dreaded needles. After hearing so many good things about Elements, I finally felt comfortable enough to give acupuncture a try. And I’m so glad I did!!! Their whole experience is SO relaxing. My’chell is so wonderful. She is one of the warmest people I’ve met. Its apparent how much so cares about all her clients. I feel such a difference in my back pain, I feel like jello when I’m done. Tension free!

Thank you My’chell for your soft touch and kind spirit!

Elements Holistic Wellness
Elements Holistic Wellness

Sundhara L. ~ Facebook

I recently saw My’chell Vincent for an acupuncture and aromatherapy treatment. My’chell is an amazing healer! I’ve been to many acupuncture treatments, but this treatment with the combo aromatherapy was the best treatment I’ve ever received. I have a stressful work situation and I felt very calm and relaxed for days after this treatment. My’chell’s technique was excellent and she also gave me aromatherapy oils to use at home to continue my treatment.

I highly recommend My’chell!


Insurance Billing: As a courtesy to our clients, we are happy to bill your primary insurance for Acupuncture or Massage therapy only. We do have pre-paid packages available that offer a nice discount if you do not have insurance. All other services are considered “uncovered” by insurance and will be cash only.