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Relax. Relieve. Restore.

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Aroma Acupoint

Gentle, Holistic Wellness.

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Cranial Sacral

Release Stress & Pain

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Time of Service Menu

Acupuncture Services

Individual Sessions

60 mins Initial Acupuncture Session | $120
50 mins Follow Up Acupuncture Session | $95

Acupuncture Packages

60 min Initial + 3-50 min Follow-up Visits | $370
4-50 min Acupuncture Follow-up Visit | $340

Cranial Sacral Therapy

60 min Cranial Sacral with Acupuncture and Aroma therapy | $145
45 min Cranial Sacral Session | $115
Cranial Sacral Sessions include a brief review of primary concerns, cranial-sacral treatment, and aroma acupoint therapy

Microneedling & Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

If you are interested in Microneedling or Cosmetic Acupunture, please call for pricing and package details




Salmon Creek Vancouver Clinic:  Address will be provided when appointments are made

PHONE | (503) 656-5510

Clinic Hours

Salmon Creek Vancouver Clinic: 

Monday - Wednesday 

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Insurance Billing: As a courtesy to our clients, we are happy to bill your primary insurance for Acupuncture therapy only. We do have pre-paid packages available that offer a nice discount if you do not have insurance. All other services are considered “uncovered” by insurance and will be provided on a cash basis only.